A Winning Victorian in Wingate, NC

405 Bivens St., Wingate, NC 28174, $35,000

Source: Advantage Realty & Mgmt Co.

This circa 1901 Victorian is located in the town of Wingate, NC. My second daughter was offered a cross-country scholarship at Wingate University, and we visited there to check out the school. I was impressed with the lovely, small town feel, but Hayley wound up going to Rutgers on an academic scholarship. You won’t be disappointed with the locale, however, the architectural details and the price of this appealing Wingate home. I love the front door with transom, sidelights and stained glass, and the second floor door is also a nice touch. It’s not a good sign that there are no photos of the kitchen, so count on a complete redo of the kitchen and the two bathrooms. The exterior millwork, though, interior doors, staircase, tongue-and-grove ceilings and walls, and multiple fireplace mantels are intact, so that’s a real plus!

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