Amazing Victorian B&B in South Carolina with Original Details Galore ~ Price Reduced to Under $50,000

104 Jennings St., Bennettsville, SC 29512


Source: Home Advantage Realty.


Okay, I must be dreaming. Is it possible that a 4-bedroom, 6-bathroom Victorian B&B with original features galore can be under $50,000? Well, proof is in the pudding – the pudding being The Historic Manse Bed & Breakfast in Bennettsville, SC. Get this: hardwood floors, high wainscoted ceilings, seven fireplaces, gorgeous paneling you won’t believe, built-ins, a stunning staircase, an amazing center hall, original front door with transom and sidelights, and a pantry! The price has just been reduced to $49,900. For old house lovers, this is a dreamy deal come true.

Here’s the realtor’s enthusiastic endorsement. “This gorgeous home is ready for a new start after over a year of patiently waiting. It was built in 1903 as a family home. Later became the First Presbyterian Church parsonage. Next, “The Historic Manse” opened as a Southern B&B. Bathrooms were added so that each bedroom is now a private suite. Surely it played host to all sorts of interesting guests being located so close to the mountains, the beaches, and many historic sites. And a 30-minute drive either way gets you to Rockingham or Darlington. If these elegantly wainscoted walls could talk! And those hardwood floors and huge windows! Check out the photos…you will not believe the craftsmanship of the turn of the century carpenters.”

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