Best of Springfield, IL, Under $50,000

April 15, 1837 – February 11, 1861

Springfield, IL — When Lincoln arrived in the new capital of Illinois, he boarded with friends and stayed in country inns and farmhouses while traveling the legal circuit, which covered several counties. After he married Mary Todd in November 1842, they lived briefly at the Globe Tavern (no longer standing), where Robert, their first son was born. In the fall of 1843 they rented a small home at 214 South Fourth Street (no longer standing). By May 1844 they purchased a house at Eighth and Jackson Streets, now a beloved visitors’ site. Here three of their four sons were born and one, Edward Baker Lincoln, died.

Here are a few houses currently for sale for under $50,000 in Lincoln’s town of Springfield.

1816 S. Spring St.

Great @1941 bungalow for $23,500


1837 S. 2nd St. Craftsman for $27,500


307 E. Cedar St.

American Foursquare for $37,900


2246 S. 12th for $19,900

Love that tub in the alcove!


2435 S. 12th for $14,000