Bluefield WV – Beautiful Land of Great Cheap Houses


I don’t know what’s up with Bluefield, West Virginia, probably a higher than average unemployment rate, but they have a good amount of great cheap older houses for sale. The town of about 11,000 was originally settled in the 18th century by two families – the Davidsons and Baileys. It was, and still remains, a rugged and remote part of southern West Virginia on the Virginia border. The two families built a mill, fort, church and a one-room schoolhouse, but had to sell off much of the land when the railroad came through in the 1880s. Apparently, Bluefield was a thriving little coal town until the Great Depression and devastating fires that nearly destroyed the whole of downtown broke the town’s back in the 1930s and early 40s. Today, it’s still known for coal mining, football and its hospitable climate. It’s been a tradition since 1938 that whenever the temperature tops 90 degrees, the Chamber of Commerce gives out free lemonade.

My second son purchased a home a year an a half ago about an hour south of Bluefield in Virginia. He paid $22,000 for a sweet 1940 cottage (with original woodwork) on an acre with beautiful views of the mountains. I’ve been looking in his area for great homes under $50,000, but so far no luck. He got a deal! But you can get plenty of deals in Bluefield.

Here are a few photos of some select homes. I’ll save the really special ones for individual posts.

215 Rogers St. Bluefield, WV 24701


Source: Century 21 Four Seasons Select Properties

This circa 1910 spacious home is in need of work, but it features beautiful hardwood flooring underneath the carpeting and vinyl, a covered front porch, great old stone retaining wall, rear patio, large back yard and a newer furnace. It’s in close proximity to Bluefield State College in a pretty spot.

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220 Union St., Bluefield, WV 24701


Source: Remax Mountain Realty

If you’re looking for a large kitchen, French doors, hardwood floors and original lighting fixtures, then this circa 1919 home might fit the bill.






517 Fairmont St., Bluefield, WV 24701


Source: Chambers Realty

A circa 1930 bungalow at a great price.


709 Frederick St. Bluefield, WV 24701


Source: Dave Shields Company

This lovely farmhouse has a new red metal roof, a new kitchen with oak cabinets and new windows. I love the staircase in the archway.