C. 1880 NY Greek Revival With Acreage Under $60,000 ~ 8.2 Acres

NY Greek Revival With Acreage Under $60,000

34 East St, Argyle, NY 12809


  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 2,224 sq ft
  • 8.2 acres lot
  • Featured 2/12/2018


NY Greek Revival With Acreage Under $60,000

The photos are lackluster, but this circa 1880 Greek Revival on more than eight acres appears to have some features worthy of restoration. I love the floor-to-ceiling built-in, and the doors and trim are original. You get a glimpse of the entryway’s front door with sidelights and the staircase. Take a look at the home’s pretty setting here on Google Maps. It’s situated in the quaint village of Argyle, opposite a lovely church. Those eight acres are appealing, and the taxes don’t look too bad for New York. I wonder why the drastic price reduction. In 2016, the place was up for sale for $134,900.

As Per the Realtor

2 Story home on 8.2 acres of prime land. Close to Argyle village. Make this your dream home or weekend getaway.







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