C. 1900 MI Fixer Upper Under $10,000 ~ Natural Woodwork

MI Fixer Upper Under $10,000

74 Clay St, Battle Creek, MI 49017


  • 3 beds
  • 1 bath
  • 1,996 sq ft
  • 4,356 sq ft lot


MI Fixer Upper Under $10,000

Once in a while, I like to throw in a real cheapo. This circa 1900 Folk Victorian is pretty amazing when you consider the price. It retains so many of its original features! Note the sunburst design over the porch gable and the dragonskin shingles in the top gable. Much of the first floor’s woodwork has been left original, including the lovely staircase. Some hardwood floors, clawfoot tub and original medicine cabinet complete the picture.

The street doesn’t look too bad. There’s a vacant lot next door, basketball court across the street and a school just a stone’s throw down the road. But when a house is this cheap, there’s a reason. I’ve found that it’s usually due more to the neighborhood than the work it needs. Check out Battle Creek’s livability score.

As Per the Realtor

“Close to everything is this 3 bedroom house with full basement, 1 car detached garage, fireplace, back enclosed porch. Buyer shall select the title/closing agent, unless seller specifically requests a particular title/closing agent. Buyer at their sole expense shall pay the owner’s title insurance policy and shall pay the title examination fee and premium for such policy. Buyer shall pay all closing fees & costs including settlement and/or closing fees & costs to the closing/title agent regardless of local custom.”








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