C. 1910 TN Mini Farm Under $90,000 ~ 5 Acres & Outbuildings

TN Mini Farm Under $90,000.

427 Cedar Bluff Rd, Lafayette, TN 37083 $89,900

  • 5 beds
  • 1 bath
  • 2,514 sq ft
  • 5.0 acres lot


TN Mini Farm Under $90,000

This circa 1910 farmhouse with acreage features several outbuildings, a rocking chair porch, two fireplace mantels and some original doors and trim. The exterior is charming. The interior, however, doesn’t thrill me. Its horrid faux paneling and low ceilings give me claustrophobia before I even step into the house. I’d have to rearrange that kitchen space, too. But between taking care of the chickens and hogs and chopping firewood, I think most of my time would be spent outdoors anyway. I can almost hear the chickens clucking and smell the sweet odor of the wood-burning fireplace.

As Per the Realtor

Five bedroom one bath, sitting on 5 acres. Three wood burning fire places, one wood burning stove, CHA, tobacco barn, chicken house, smoke house for killing hogs, concrete side walks, concrete rocking chair front and back porches all the way across. Great little mini farm.









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