Battle Creek Beauty For $8,500 ~ No Kidding!

162 W Manchester St., Battle Creek, MI$8,500


Source: Keller Williams Realty
For some this might be a knockdown special, but there are just too many redeeming qualities of this house to have that happen. The front gable and porch columns contribute to its exterior appeal, but what I really like are those stone and brick access panels under the porch! Consider the gorgeous staircase, stunning foyer paneling and built-in seat, and front window seat. I’ve never seen anything like the wood floor-to-ceiling staircase spindles, especially on a house this size. Then check out the living room’s beautiful mantel, the dividing columns and original trim. Some of the rooms are in horrendous condition, but it appears some work was started. In fact, it looks like the owner may have tossed in the towel after the new sheetrock was destroyed by water damage in one of the bedrooms. Hardwood floors throughout, five-panel doors and a tongue-and-groove ceiling, however, make this a house to go the long with.

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