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  1. Merrill

    This looks like a beauriful home, with more photos added since I considered it several months ago. This house is located on the other side of the peninsula from “downtown” Crisfield, with land/marshland that provided a buffer from the significant flooding Crisfield had several years ago. Even so, don’t plan on your great-grandchildren enjoying the house as the Chesapeake Bay is rising at a very high rate.

    A Google Earth search provided me with even more immediately pertinent info: Two doors down, within a few hundred yards, is a Tyson grower, ie an industrialized chicken farm. With two buildings, it ia a smaller operation than other local growers (Maryland’s Eastern Shore is one of the top poultry producing regions in the country.) but each building houses 50-100,000 thousand birds at a time. The stench that emanates is beyond description and can carry for miles. Although this is likely a “family farm” that contracts with Tyson, the nature of the business presumes a lot of activity, that may or may not be noticeable to neighbors.

    As gorgeous as this house looks, with simple improvement needs, the proximity of the chicken grower was a deal breaker for me personally. It might not matter to you but I recommend due diligence to ensure you’ll have serenity the home seems to ooze. Right to farm laws and the tremendous political pull of the poultry industry are a Goliath on par with Mother Nature.

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