Our New Digs in SoCal

So this is our new digs in sunny California. I guess you could stretch and consider it an old house as it was built in 1976, and for Huntington Beach that’s old. HB is a surfing mecca, but I don’t think they know the word preservation. During urban renewal in the 1960s and 70s, many of the older homes were razed, and developers started churning out cookie cutter cubicles. Downtown HB has some older homes, and here and there you’ll spot an old bungalow in the middle of a subdivision, but for the most part, you have to go to Orange or Long Beach to get your old house fix.


Our new place, though, is great for semi-retirement. We can walk to work, stores and ride our bikes to church and the beach. The Newport Beach LDS Temple is just 25 minutes away. We have a garage, a laundry room and a pool that we don’t have to take care of. Finally, I have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal after 35 years of marriage and seven kids, somethings my century-old house was lacking!

View of our neighborhood and the mountains.