Palliser Pattern Book Towered Cottage? ~ Finger Lakes District NY Fixer Under $30,000

2116 W Seneca St, Ovid, NY 14521


4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, .27 Acre


NY Fixer Under $30,000

This beauty might just be a Palliser pattern book home. In the late 1900s, the Palliser brothers became one of the most influential North American architectural firms by publishing inexpensive home pattern books for the working man. Note the truncated gables and Gothic elements on the second story, and the box bay window on the first floor of this towered cottage. Not many interior photos, but the exterior is simply lovely! It’d be tough getting a queen size bed up those gorgeous curved stairs, but the back staircase might do the job.

“Property sold as is, but what a great project! This home still has its Victorian charm and features a large kitchen, elegant curved main stairwell, back stairs for safety, four bedrooms, and two baths. There’s a large old carriage house outbuilding. Restore this home and make it your own or invest. There’s a lot of opportunity situated on a larger village lot.” As per the realtor.






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I am not a realtor. If interested in this property, contact Kristopher Buchan with Tompkins Cortland Real Estate.