Upstate NY “Beetlejuice” Victorian with Turret, Slate Roof, Sleeping Porch, Built-Ins $17,900

210 Guy Park Ave Amsterdam, NY 12010




This 1890 Victorian was once a fabulous house in a beautiful neighborhood. Today it is a neglected, eery structure reminiscent of the house in Beetlejuice. The neighborhood has seen better days, but there are still extravagant houses across the street and down the block from this 5-bedroom home. In fact, this once grand home stands next to a magnificent old brick church and is across the street from a green.

Note the turret, the intricate shingle designs, sleeping porch and gingerbread. Then consider the hardwood floors, the window details, stunning mantel and gorgeous kitchen built-in. I am so hoping that someone has the money and time to make this house glorious again.

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