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5 Abandoned Houses That Sold

For many of us, abandoned houses have a haunting beauty. They have a pull on us stronger than an N52 magnet. A house with weathered clapboard, broken shutters and peeling paint seems to beckon us to peer through its windows. I have to admit, back in my younger days unlocked doors were open invitations to investigate the interior of these forlorn buildings, too.

Now, more cautious, I would simply like to wave a magic wand and give aid to these abandoned houses that are begging to be restored. It appears, however, that my magic wand was not needed for the homes below. Here are a few abandoned houses that we featured on OHU50K in the past for under $50K that escaped a future with the wrecking ball. Thankfully, it goes to show that even the most undesirable of properties can get new life.

26749 Dewberry Ave,Bloomfield, IA, 52537        $29,000   Sold for $17,500

Rustic One-of-a-kind & Ready to be Restored! This abandoned, 1-story schoolhouse built in 1900 offers approximately 832 sq. ft. of living space and also comes with a useable 48 x 36 metal shed. See pics and details here.


4708 Field St, Detroit, MI 48214   $12,500 Sold for $11,000

Abandoned inner city homes can often be snatched up cheap. Detroit has plenty of homes crying out for restoration. See pics and details here.


205 2nd St, Crook, CO 80726    $22,000 Sold for $20,000

This abandoned home c.1926 house went the way of many in Crook as the population dwindled to 113 residents. See pics and details here.


5107 Canton Rd, Tangier, VA 23440 $26,900 Sold for $26,500

Who wouldn’t love an island house? Well, unless the island is sinking.  This house is only accessible by boat, and Tangier Island is in danger, but at this price, it is cheaper than an RV. See pics and details here.



3380 E Palmer St, Detroit, MI, 48211.    $10,000.  Sold for $9,777


2-story multi-family home in Detroit’s Pole-Town neighborhood. See pics and details here.

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