abandoned houses

5 Abandoned Houses Under $50K Begging To Be Restored

For many of us, abandoned houses have a mysterious and haunting beauty. Their weathered clapboards, broken shutters and peeling paint seem to beckon us to peer through their windows. Despite some unreasonable prices for these decrepit structures, I wish I could wave a magic wand and make these abandoned houses shine again. Here are a few that are currently on the market for under $50K.

406 S Logan St, Idaville, IN, 47950      $15,000

Come fix up this little old house! Nice roof but needs everything else. Over 1/2 an acre lot. See pics and details here.



Chaillac, Central Loire Valley, France   $11,865

How about an old stone barn in lovely hamlet in the Central Loire Valley of France. See pics and details here.



27923 and 27927 Phoenix Church Rd,Marion Station, MD, 21838.    $49,995


A c.1865 farmhouse on 2 acres on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that has been abandoned for years, but think of the stories it tells. See pics and details here.



2486 Elmhurst St, Detroit, MI, 48206  $10,000










Looking for someone to restore this multi-family home. It features 4 large units, each contains 2 bedroom and one bath. See pics and details here.


1737 State Route 367, Laceyville, PA, 18623.   $29,000

Wouldn’t it be amazing to restore this old one room schoolhouse? It’s the Weston Auburn School shown in the bottom right of photo below. The blackboard and outhouse are still there! See pics and details here.




abandoned houses
Photo by Austin Hodges

This stone mansion has been completely abandoned and is not currently on the on the market. If you find an abandoned structure that you fall in love with, jot down the address and go to the tax assessor’s office to find out the owner. Oftentimes, you can simply Google the county’s GIS and plug in the address to find the owners.




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