abandoned places

5 Abandoned Places Under $50K Begging to Be Restored

Do broken shutters, peeling paint and overgrown yards of abandoned places beckon you? For many of us, abandoned buildings have a mysterious and haunting beauty. They may have weathered clapboard and boarded windows, but their souls still cry out for redemption.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and make these abandoned places shine again. Here are a few that are currently on the market for under $50K.

233 Merriman Ave, Syracuse, NY, 13204              $3,500

abandoned places

Once the bell of the ball with two-tier sleeping porches, double front doors and gingerbread, this grand Victorian needs a savior.

3093 Hollister St, Meridian, NY, 13113.     $29,900

Farm land featured at 3093 Hollister St, Meridian, NY 13113

How about restoring an 1800s carriage house?  It comes with an old house that had a fire in the 1970s and has been vacant since.



4412 Delmar Blvd, Saint Louis, MO, 63108.   $50,000

abandoned places

Saint Louis has been down on its luck, but things are beginning to change. Abandoned and forlorn, this vacant home is in a neighborhood that is starting to see revitalization.




6960 S Hwy NC 41,Wallace NC 28466.   $39,000

abandoned places

The Barnett Carr House has been vacant for many years and has fallen into severe disrepair. Are you up for the challenge?


602 N. 5TH STREET, St. Joseph, Missouri                   Free with conditions

abandoned places



For a creative and entrepreneurial person, the possibilities offered by the Jennings/Comstock House are nearly limitless. This could be returned to a single family home. It could be an Air B&B. How about museum and event space? Whatever your dream the Jennings/Comstock could be its home!

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