5 Abandoned Places Under $50K Begging To Be Restored

For many of us, abandoned houses have a mysterious and haunting beauty. Their weathered clapboards, broken shutters and peeling paint seem to beckon us to peer through their windows.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and make these abandoned places shine again. Here are a few that are currently on the market for under $50K.


102 W Millersburg St, Nashville, OH, 44661     $40,000

abandoned places

Not quite the house you’d want to welcome visitors in to town, so do Nashville, Ohio, a favor, and restore this old house.  See pics and details here.

2635 Chippewa St, Saint Louis, MO, 63118.    $48,000


Built in 1900 and still standing tall, this nearly 3,000sf structurally sound brick beauty is ready to be rehabbed. See pics and details here.


3380 E Palmer St, Detroit, MI, 48211.    $10,000


2-story multi-family home in Detroit’s Pole-Town neighborhood. See pics and details here.


1663 Pressmens Home Rd, Rogersville, TN 37857.  $29,900

abandoned places

Abandoned three times! First by the school district, then by the Independent Baptist Church, and lastly by the owners who converted the church into a house. See pics and details here.


2719 SW Hickman Ln SW, Nanticoke, MD, 21840.   $28,000

abandoned places
abandoned places

This one is for the fishermen. Wouldn’t you love to have a fishing camp near the Chesapeake Bay? This old farm house turned lodge hall is waiting for you. See pics and details here.


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  • Juli

    There is a yellow colonial abandoned near Nashville tenn see picks all the time cannot find it ! Want to save it juli

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