5 Abandoned Places Under $50K Begging To Be Restored

Do broken shutters, peeling paint and overgrown yards of abandoned places beckon you? For many of us, abandoned buildings have a mysterious and haunting beauty. They may have weathered clapboard and boarded windows, but their souls still cry out for redemption.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and make these abandoned places shine again. Here are a few that are currently on the market for under $50K.

8845 Meyers Rd, Detroit, MI, 48228.     $35,000


How about a vine-covered fairy tale cottage?  If you can open the front door, you will see that the interior is rather surprising. See pics and details here.



117 N Hwy 195, Hope, Arkansas.   $39,000


abandoned houses


Built in the early 1900s, this vacant historic church sits on 1.5 acres. See info here.



6600 S Sangamon St, Chicago, IL.    $45,000

Start up your own free standing corner store. See pics and info here.



2434 W Buena Vista St, Detroit, MI, 48238.    $7,500

It’s four time the fun with this c. 1924 quadraplex. See pics and details here.


700 E D Ave, Kingman KS.     $35,000

abandoned places

May I take your order? Would that be a former Sonic Burger drive-up restaurant? See info here.



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