old houses under $50K

5 Old Houses Under $50K with Too Few Pics

Old Houses Under $50K wishes we could open the front doors of these homes and view the interior pics, but the agents have neglected to include any. I, for one, yearn to see the insides of these homes, especially the stone cottage.

1418 Gillespie Ave, Albany, GA 31707.  $12,500 Sold




21 5th St, Hambleton, WV 26269.    $40,000 Sold



126 Strife St, Americus, GA 31709.   $35,000 Sold



552 S Bainbridge St, Montgomery, AL 36104.    $18,000 Sold


538 W McKinley Ave, Blackwell, OK 74631. $7,000 Sold




  • Tina Magee

    Okay something is seriously wrong with the stone house. It sold in 4/20 for 236k then it was listed for sale again in 12/21 for 100k now we in Jan 22 and they only 12.5k! What are we stupid? Originals sellers got out why the getting was good! But WOW I can see the draw it reminds me of Thomas Kinkade painting!

  • [email protected]

    I looked up the GIS records, and it appears the $236K and $100K were for multi-parcel auction sales, of which the stone house was just one part of. Even so, it goes without saying that a $12,500 house has to have something seriously wrong with it.


    That stone cottage looks like something out of a storybook, so cute! I love the Americus, GA house and had to laugh at the name of the street — Strife Street! Is that the opposite of Easy Street? The house in Montgomery, AL — I don’t know anything about the neighborhood, but as someone from that region, I can vouch for Montgomery having appeal. There’s a Hank Williams Sr. museum, an F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald house museum, many large auto factories to provide employment, and the town is about a 3 hours drive from the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Amethyst

    Stone House is/ was part of a package deal of six or seven houses… Google address
    Strife street had a tree on the roof Google address use the street view …. You can find out about them all of your Google the addresses.

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