Virginia fixer upper

Acreage Wednesday – Circa 1950 Virginia Fixer Upper on 22.5 Acres $55K

9427 Sock Rd, Pound, VA 24279    $55,000


If we are to go by the cemetery name, it appears that an earlier house owned by Eli Mullins (1861-1947) was once on the property.  In fact, Eli was a farmer who made his living from his small farm here. Known by the nickname, “Socks Dad” (note Socks Rd. and son Kedric Sock), Eli was the father of four children who lived to adulthood, Mary Geneva Mullins Cantrell, Eliza Mullins, Kedric Sock Mullins and Derothea Mullins Osborne. At least four more children who died in infancy are buried in the cemetery.

Eli was married twice. His first wife, Winnie Stanley Mullins (1856-1833) died at the age of 26, likely in childbirth. Mary Melvina “Polly” Mullins Mullins (uh-oh) was the second wife, who was only a year older than Eli’s daughter Mary Geneva. Eli passed away at the age of 86 when he broke his hip and back after a fall. He, too, is buried  in the family cemetery.

Eli Mullins


Polly Mullins


House view featured at 9427 Sock Rd, Pound, VA 24279



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