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c.1852 Waterfront Home For Sale in Savanna, IL $39K

1019 Main St, Savanna, IL, 61074   $39,000

c.1852 Waterfront Home For Sale in Savanna, IL $49K


This multi-family home has views of the Mississippi River and the Savanna-Sabula Bridge. It has been a multi-family for a while. In fact, a newspaper article from 1971 has newlyweds Karen and Donald Phillips making their home there after the honeymoon.

OHU50K featured this home in April when it was listed at $49,000. It has now been reduced $10K to $39,000.

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The electric is able to be separated from apartments 2,3,and 4. With apartment 1 having the common areas and mechanicals such as boiler on it. Water is common throughout but could possibly be separated relatively easily if someone thought it was worthwhile. THIS IS A RIVER VIEW PROPERTY WITH COVERED BACK PORCHES FACING THE RIVER!

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