c.1868 NY Fixer Upper Foreclosure w/2 Acres + Views $45K ~ Sold

269 Dygert St, Palatine Bridge, NY 13428       $45,000 ~ Sold



Due to the unfortunate modifications, it is difficult to determine what style house this foreclosure was when it was originally built. What is your guess? In any event, what was the home of a successful farmer with substantial property, has now been reduced to a forlorn fixer upper on two acres.

After some research, it appears that this was the farm of George Dygert. The home may have an earlier build date or a smaller farmhouse may have been the original structure on Dygert’s large farm, because it is listed on the 1860 US Census. Dygert owned 1110 improved acres, 411 unimproved acres, 4 horses, 20 milk cows, 7 swine and 4 cattle. The farm was worth $9,800 back in 1860, and Dygert’s farm equipment was worth $4,100. That total is about $435,000 in today’s dollars.

When George retired, he still helped work the farm but passed it down to his son Edward. It looks like it remained in the family at least until the 1940 US Census, but had declined in value to $3,500. Perhaps land had already begun to be sold off.

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Scenic views of Mohawk Valley! This foreclosure has lots of character!



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