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c.1880 Farm House For Sale on 1 Acre in Hurdland, MO Under $25K – Contingent

State Highway 6 (205 Gardner St.) , Hurdland, MO, 63547                                     $24,900 Contingent

c.1880 Farm House For Sale on 1 Acre in Hurdland, MO Under $25K



This wonderful cheap old house really catches my fancy. Despite no interior photos, I spent way a lot of time trying to find some history about it. Not much luck I’m afraid. I did discover that as of 2015, the building was operating as the Remember When Antiques shop. It has now permanently closed, but sometime in the last 5 years a new roof has been installed.  I also found a c.1916 map of Hurdland, and although street names have changed, the property appears to have been owned by farmer E. Jackson. Two railroad lines, now defunct, went through the town.


Today’s house was featured on a Hurdland poster (see below).


REALTOR COMMENTS – c.1880 Farm House For Sale on 1 Acre in Hurdland, MO Under $25K

This property along Highway 6 in Hurdland Mo would be great for business opportunity. Lots of options, remodel, tear down and put in business. Has garage on property for storage. Call Mark Hunolt for more information.


  • Cate

    I have done a significant amount of research on this beautiful old house & its history as my family has a cabin in Hurdland. I have always been a lover of old houses and for some strange reason this one has captivated me more than any other ever has. In a strange turn of events, I discovered that some of the land my family’s cabin now sits on was owned by the brother of Ambrose Everett (A.E.) Black, the original owner of this beautiful, old house. It’s a dream of mine to save up and purchase this house so I can pour some love into it and restore it to its original glory.

    Ps. I have some amazing pictures of this original house…but I can’t figure out how to paste them/post them. If anyone is interested, let me know 🙂

  • Peggy Black Christianson

    This house was built by my great-grandfather A.E. Black . He and his wife Pirena raised 8 children in this house including my grandfather Emmet Black born 1877. The property originally was comprised of 1000 acres known as Hub Stock Farm. I would love to see other photos. I will send one from 1880’s when the house was new.

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