fixer upper

c.1898 Fixer Upper in Buena Vista, VA $45K ~ Off Market

1716 Cedar Ave, Buena Vista, VA, 24416           $45,000 Off Market 

c.1898 Fixer Upper in Buena Vista, VA $45K


This fixer upper was built just after Buena Vista saw a major growth spurt. Nestled between the Blue River Mountains and the Maury River, the town grew after a large iron ore deposit was found in 1889. By 1892, Buena Vista boasted a luxury hotel, a new brick school house, opera house, two banks, Masonic Lodge,  two churches, a paper and pulp mill,  cashmere mill, saddle factory, brick and clay works, wagon works, an egg crate factory, electric light plant, furniture factory, boiler factory, glass foundry, iron furnace and steel factory, a glass foundry, and several wood and lumber establishments. While I could not find the family who lived in this specific house, most of the head of households on Cedar Avenue worked at the silk mill or lumber establishments. Number 1716 has a twin next door, and both houses have panoramic views of the mountains.


Fixer upper – Two story 2 bedroom home with hardwood floors, nice size room and alley access in back.

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