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Sold – c.1900 Affordable Home in Oil City, PA Under $38K

513 North St, Oil City, PA 16301    $44,900  Reduced to $37,500 Sold

Affordable Home



Located in a low-crime neighborhood on a street with lovely older homes is this c.1900 house whose interior looks like it was put into a time capsule in the 1960s. Sculpted carpets that likely cover hardwood floors, lighting fixtures and Woolworth curtains mixed in with 1930’s linoleum and an a beautiful original floor-to-ceiling pantry cupboard haven’t been changed since the Huff family lived here. The property has view of the forested hills, and although it is only three streets from the Allegheny River, the home is reportedly not in a flood zone.

Family History

Below is a descending timeline of some events surrounding the home.

*In the 1960s and ’70s, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Huff owned the home.
*1977 – Clifton was charged with a half dozen violations including drunk driving and reckless endangerment.



*1966- The Huff’s 4-year-old son, James, suffered a contusion when he ran his head into the back of a car.

*1930s and 1940s – Walter R. Johns and his wife Minnie owned the home. They lived here with Walter’s widower brother Harry E. Johns. Walter was a printer.

*1943 – Walter E. Johns (Walter R. John’s nephew) promoted from major to Lieut. colonel

*1942 – Major Walter E. Johns was named executive officer in the 95th infantry division







Large 4 bedroom with 1 bath, Kitchen with very nice pantry, Dining room, Living room, quaint front porch Priced to sell call today to schedule a showing








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