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c.1900 Fixer Upper Near Bonnie & Clyde Joplin MO Hideout $30K ~ OFF MARKET

1531 Virginia Ave, Joplin, MO 64804    $30,000 OFF MARKET



I would open up the front porch again on this c.1900 fixer upper foursquare. That was the first thing I had my husband do when we purchased our foursquare. Our porch was only screened in, though.

FYI: This fixer upper is just down the street from the garage apartment where Bonnie Parker, Clyde, Buck, and Blanche Barrow, and William Daniel Jones rented and hid out from April 1, 1933 to April 13, 1933. After 12 days, neighbors reported suspicious behavior. The Joplin Police Department then raided the apartment resulting in two of the officers being killed by the fleeing fugitives.

In hopes of turning it into a bed and breakfast, the c.1927 garage was later purchased by a pastor, restored and given a 1930’s decor.

Along with historic digs, the pastor and his wife had the goal of sharing the historic story of the Barrow gang to dissuade others from going down the same path. The May 2011 tornado that devastated Joplin made housing scarce, so the couple now lease the apartment long term.

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A little TLC will go a long way with this fixer upper! Beautiful fireplace and original woodwork. Lots of space. Located on a corner lot.


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