c.1900 Fixer Upper Victorian in Greenfield MO Under $30K ~ Off Market

324 Carr St, Greenfield, MO, 65661  $29,900 Off Market 


This fixer Victorian has such a wonderful exterior, I almost don’t care what the interior looks like. I am happy that the staircase and some of the molding are original, though. I could work with that.


Cute 120 year old fixer upper Victorian Home, 2 Story, 3 Bedrooms upstairs, Detached Garage, Big Lot Needs TLC.
fixer upper


  • Caryl (Baldwin) Harshman

    My family for generations is from greenfield. We are retired and have tossed around the thought of moving. My grandfather WC WILCOX STARR built many home there in greenfield. If any possible way i would love to know if this is one of his homes. Like i said we would love to move to greenfield.

  • [email protected]

    It will take some research to find out if your grandfather built this house. All I could find in a quick search is that Wilcox C. Starr (1873-1845) was a carpenter who lived around the corner from this house on South Main St. in the 1940s. He’s buried at the Greenfield Cemetery, but you probably know all that.

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