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c.1900 Indiana For Sale By Owner Victorian w/ 2 Turrets Under $35K ~ Off Market

201 N 15th St, Richmond, IN 47374    $34,900 Off Market

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Here is a for sale by owner multi-family home with three apartments with baseboard heat and separate electric meters. You can tell it was once a grand lady with its two turrets, third-story balcony, imbricated shingles and fancy fretwork.

Richmond per owner

This home is located in Richmond, Indiana in a very family-oriented community with many wonderful things to do as follows: It is rich in natural beauty, history and culture. Richmond has something for everyone. For the active person or family, there are miles of hiking and biking trails, multiple recreational activities and a great Parks system. For those a bit less active, try our Symphony, Community Theater, or one of several museums. For everyone, Richmond is proud to have five (5) institutions of Higher Education. The community is diverse and welcoming, a place many have visited and stayed to live. We invite you to explore and join us.

Some places to enjoy: Places to enjoy in Richmond, Indiana as follows: the Hayes Arboretum is an arboretum of 330 acres located in Richmond, Indiana, United States. It is open free to the public. The Foundation owns a total of 466 acres of property in Wayne County, IN The Indiana Football Hall of Fame is a sports museum and hall of fame in Richmond, Indiana. It honors persons associated with high school, college and professional American football in Indiana. It also works to establish scholarships and endowments to promote football in the state of Indiana. The hall was founded in 1973 as an affiliate of the Indiana Football Coaches Association. The museum is housed in a historic post office building at the corner of North 9th and A Streets. The Richmond Art Museum was founded in 1898 as the Art Association of Richmond, Indiana. Artist John Elwood Bundy and author and attorney William Dudley Foulke were instrumental in the founding. Whitewater Valley Gorge Park is a Scenic Destination with hiking trails and great taste of nature for All to Enjoy.

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*7 bedrooms
*4 baths
*4,733 sq ft.
*Build date 1900
*Google Map
*Property Listing
*For Sale By Owner: 609- 792-0494

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For Sale By Owner: Captivating home offers classic value and the kind of comforts you will be proud to call your own at a fantastic affordable price. It is located at 203 N 15th St Richmond, Indiana. This 4,733 square foot multi family home has total of 14 rooms: 7 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. This is a multi-unit home with 3 apartments.

Great investor opportunity! CONDITIONS and FAQs: Very Important (MUST READ!): (1) CASH ONLY purchase NO Owner-financing or any other term-payment plan. Speedy closing ONLY – NO time for any bank-financing. MAKE SURE you have the ready funds to complete this purchase expeditiously. (2) Property CONDITION: Its yards have been regularly maintained. DO NOT read into anything else that has NOT been described or mentioned here. NO warranty/guarantee, expressed or implied, can be made there. Sold as-is, where-is. If you are interested in buying, please do your own due diligence. See more terms in property listing.

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