Tangier Island

c.1900 Tangier Island VA Home $50K ~ Contingent

16072 Main Ridge Rd, Tangier, VA, 23440     $50,000 ~ Contingent 


Tangier Island (pop 725) is a wonderful place to visit, but purchasing a house there? That is a decision to take very seriously. OHU50K features this house today only because of its unique location.
Tangier Island sits 12 miles out in the Chesapeake Bay off the Eastern Shore (one of my families favorite places). You have to take a ferry to get there, and no cars are allowed on the island. It may sound idyllic to many, but the 1700’s fishing community has lost 67% of its land mass due to erosion since 1850, and under a mid-range sea level rise scenario, it appears the town will likely need to be abandoned within 50 years.
Even if erosion was not an issue, it might be difficult for an outsider to assimilate with the families that have lived there for generations. Many of them even speak a distinctive dialect of American English.
It is worth a trip to the island, however, simply to view a different way of life, rent bicycles to see the old homes and cemeteries, and eat great seafood.


Check out this perfect summer getaway home on Tangier Island! This home sits right at the docks, overlooking the Chesapeake Bay. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a large kitchen, living room, dining room, sun porch, and a large, walk-up attic. Tangier Island is located 13 miles off of the shore of Crisfield, MD, and 15 miles from Reedville, VA, almost directly in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, and is only accessible by boat or aircraft.
This quaint island is home to several hundred full time residents, many of which earn their living by working on the water. The island has became quite the tourist attraction, with its unique way of living, many gift shops, restaurants, ice cream shops, and its vast history. With a little TLC, you could make this home the perfect vacation spot!
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