2 for 1

c.1910 2 For 1 Homes For Sale in Newton, KS $45K – Sold


This unique property offers 2 For 1 Homes on one lot! The first property is a 2-story traditional home with 4 bedrooms and 1 bath. The second home behind the 2-story is a train box car that has been converted into a 1 bedroom 1 bath home with a living and dining area.



  • 4bed
  • 1bath
  • 1,476 square feet
  • Year Built 1910


305 Old Main St, Newton, KS 67114  $45,000 Sold

The yard on this property is HUGE! This is a great lot. It is shaded and walking distance to down town.


2 for 1


  • Glenn Jacobson

    I’m looking for a home. Period! Very little money thus $10,000 is my range. I love that small place, maybe because I’ve traveled considerably in boxcars in my distant past. 86, single, clean, non-smoker, soc. sec. monthly, good health, and a Navy Vet. On the chance the boxcar and the house could be sold separately you know which one I’d buy! I’m quiet and wouldn’t disturb the house owners. So, just thought I’d send this your way just in case. Thanks for your time. Kind regards, Glenn P.S. Perhaps Toni Shrader wouldn’t mind an old-timer nearby! He could wind up with a charming old boxcar being willed to him! P.S. I’ve had my arm pummeled with needles and have had my booster as well. (How about that for credentials!)

  • Rachel Harrison

    I called this morning as soon as I was awake enough…. My offer was low low. Sale pending as of today, to someone else 🤯
    In love.

  • Lorrie Tofer

    Hello to Glenn j, I’m trying to buy that 2 for 1, I will be looking to rent the box car house, let me know if you’re interested

  • Lorrie T

    Took a trip to Newton to see the property. Who ever took those pictures has magic in that camera. The photos make the house look livable, but it is not
    The place need major work.
    On everything, foundation, wirering, plumbing, floors, walls and all the windows.

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