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c.1918 Handyman Special Home For Sale in Henderson, TX $50K – Off Market

111 S High St, Henderson, TX, 75654       $50,000 Off Market


c.1918 Handyman Special Home For Sale in Henderson, TX $50K


This c.1918 handyman special bungalow features a broad front-facing overhang gable to shade you from the Texas sun.  At first glance, I thought that was one of those fake cardboard Christmas fireplaces. Weird looking.  Texas prices are rising, so I guess the realtor’s move-in ready comment expects us to overlook the painted hardwood floors and general condition of the home.


Affordable home ready to move in and waiting for that special family to keep it strong for many more years! Very close to downtown amenities and everything that Henderson offers.

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  • Melissa Hammond

    Fireplace? I feel like I’m losing my mind here. I see a doghouse and a rather hideous pass thru, from the kitchen. No fireplace. First of all, though. Why is it when a house looks pretty good on the outside, the inside looks like hell. And when it looks like a falling down shack, on the outside, the interior isn’t too horrible? Because the people had to make a choice? Not being able to do both, simulteaneously? Do they say, “Which will it be first, ? The inside, or the outside? I guess. Because the massive and totally over the top overhanging porch, appears to be leaning one way, while the house itself, appears to be leaning in the opposite direction. Or, is that just me? I may not have seen a fireplace, anywhere. Or a chimney, sticking up from the roof to indicate such a thing. But I did see those painted cabinets, in the kitchen. How could I not? I also saw a bathroom that has way, way, too much going on with it, for the size of the space it occupies, too. Good Lord. Oh no! All this seems to have caused my eyes to cross, I’m afraid. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to look at any more of this, until such time as my eyes decide to uncross themselves again. Darn the luck! Right? Sorry about that! Er. Well, it’s more like, I’m sorta sorry about that, if I’m being honest. Fine. Fine, then! I’m not actually feeling all that sorry about it, at all, ttytt. In fact, I feel more relieved, than anything else, that I can’t look at this, anymore. There. Now, I’ve said it! I hope you’re satisfied.

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