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c.1918 Small Fixer Upper Homestead in Elbert CO $50K – Off Market

24071 Eccles St, Elbert, CO, 80106     $50,000 – Off Market 


This property goes beyond the word fixer upper, but once in a while OHU50K likes to show what $50K buys in western states. I bet this was a sweet little homestead in its day, but time and neglect has definitely taken its toll.
Located in Elbert, Colorado (pop. 230), the house was built in 1918. Actually, it is amazing the house (such as it is) still stands as Elbert has had a series of unfortunate events over the decades.

The community has suffered several floods, the most damaging occurring in 1935, when the Kiowa Creek destroyed 75% of the structures in Elbert and resulted in seven deaths. The structures were never rebuilt. 

On 11 January 1998 a fireball was seen over Elbert County, and later a stone of 680.5 g was found in a field by a five-year-old on a family farm. The stone was officially named Elbert and was classified as an ordinary chondrite LL6.

Then on June 15, 2009,  a huge three quarter mile-wide, EF2 tornado touched down in rural fields two miles west of town destroying a barn at a farm and an airplane hangar.

So what do you think? Anybody game?


Sizable lot, old fixer upper farmhouse, and barn looking for someone with vision for what the property could be!
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OHU50K does not represent this property.

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