fixer upper

c.1920 Fixer Upper with Views in Miami Arizona Under $37K ~ Sold

761 W Merrit St, Miami, AZ, 85539      $36,900 ~ Sold in Jan.2021 For $30,000


Here is a fixer upper in Miami, Arizona. The western states are beautiful, but let’s face it, the quality and quantity of old houses under $50K in the western states cannot compare to the quality and quantity of similarly priced homes in the rest of the country. Firstly, the inventory of old houses in general is much lower in the West than in the East, South and Mid-West. On top of that, as we all know, the real estate market is incredibly high-priced in the West.
With that said, when we come across a redeemable old house under $50K in the West, we show it. I am almost embarrassed to feature some of them, but as a preservationist, oftentimes even the least of these deserve a new life.
This c.1920 bungalow was submitted by a reader. It offers views, built-ins, original kitchen cupboards, and a clawfoot tub underneath that enclosure.


OHU50K does not represent this property.


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