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c.1955 Mid Century Modern 35′ Spartan Royal Manor Trailer For Sale in Batavia, NY $22K – Sold

c.1955 Mid Century Modern 35′ Spartan Royal Manor Trailer For Sale in Batavia, NY $22K SOLD



This is so cool. It is like it has been in a time capsule. This c.1955 Royal Manor trailer was made by Spartan Aircrafts Company. In the late 1930s, the company was acquired by billionaire, J. Paul Getty. After WWII the huge housing demand led Getty to start manufacturing trailers in 1945. Spartan spared no expense, but at the time with a new Levittown house starting at $8,000, $4,000 for a trailer seemed pricey. The year 1962 marked the end of production.

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An Arizona original Spartan Royal manor very little rust, the trailer has new electric, new flooring in the kitchen, along with a stainless drainboard sink and unique dishmaster faucet. The trailer comes with a 1956 ge fridge with turquoise interior, and steel crosley cabinets in the color “Zinger Pink” The trailer has custom cabinets for the users and the TV/half wall. The TV is a 1954 zenith fram and bowed glass with a curved full HD monitor set inside. This hooks up to anything that has am hdmi port. The living room and bedroom still have original linoleum 9×9 tile which is rare. The carpet is to protect the tile in the bedroom, we just never got to restoring the bedroom or bathroom. The bathroom is original to how we got it. It need love but it is all complete except period shower faucets. The trailer also has a rare preway built in oven set where only 4 examples are know to exist. The trailer has new brakes and wire along with greased barring and the skitplate underneath is intact.





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