Greek Revival fixer upper

Cheap-ish Missouri Fixer Upper Greek Revival Reduced to $80K

601 Fellows St, Utica, MO 64686    $110,000 Reduced to $80,000



Utica , Missouri, only has 222 residents today, but in its heyday, 600 residents and a number of businesses called the community home.

After reading, it appears this home was the old Utica Hotel.

“One of the most interesting buildings in Utica, which still stands and is occupied, is the old Utica Hotel. Its present owners are Stephen E. and Aida (Peters) Locke. They have restored it and graciously take interested persons on a tour of it. They are retired builders from Gary, Indiana. Mrs. Locke is a native Chillicothian and upon retirement became interested in this building she had known as a child.

The house was built in 1836 by Edward and Susan Mead. It was sold to and occupied by Edward, George, and Wm. Van Zandt who sold it to Roderick and Catherine Matson. In 1838 they sold it to Wm. Hudgins who held the first warranty deed. He left Utica and purchased a large tract of land in Mooresville. It changed hands frequently with thirty owners over that period to the present time. The original house consisted of four rooms downstairs with two upstairs. Every room had a fireplace. The inside and outside walls are 18 inch thick solid brick . Each room on the first floor had its own solid rock foundation and a crawlway large enough for a person to crawl through it. Heavy quarry rocks were used for the fireplaces. Only two fireplaces were in good enough condition to restore them and be used now. The architecture is the Greek Revival period. The woodwork in the four original rooms is of native black walnut and parts are beautifully carved. The original key holes in each door were made of coin silver.”


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