church for sale

Sold – c.1865 Abandoned Church For Sale in Syracuse, NY $1K

510 Bear St, Syracuse, NY 13208 $1,000 Sold

Church For Sale



  • Mark Anthony Simon

    How do I buy this and is all taxes paid and how much a year on a fix income but would be perfect to build up into a church again

  • Barb

    Make sure you understand all the zoning restrictions and permitting requirements before jumping in. I bought my church with the promise I could have a business. Well, the 2015 guidelines are so exhaustive and expensive I can’t afford to get it up to code. Plus the ceiling height in my basement is too low. I would hate for someone’s dreams to turn into a nightmare.

  • Mr. Foster

    From everything I researched on this place, it would be less expensive to simply have it torn down, parts recycled and rebuilt.

  • George Bahr

    The city is way too heavily involved to .are this work for anyone except them.
    To estimate over 300k to renovate shows they don’t have a clue how to do something on a budget.
    Do NOT get involved in this mess!

  • Cecil Neal

    I am interested in purchasing this church and restore it to a viable church again, while living in the building as I make the renovations. live in a 100 year old house in Kansas City, Missouri that I renovated myself. My plan would be to secure the property and do most of the renovations, while seeking donations from “You Fund Me” or such organizations to complete the work. I am a retired ordained United Methodist minister called out of retirement by the Almighty God for this assignment. Please let me know if I might be qualified to purchase this property.

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