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c.1865 Abandoned Church For Sale in New York $1K

OHU50K Notes

This is an abandoned church for sale in New York, for $1,000. She has all the curves, the height, the stained glass and hardwood floors, but she also has a pricey catch. Per Syracuse Land Baank, she needs half a mil for restoration. The church has had some potential buyers, but the costs to restore and the red tape have caused it to be on the market for several years now.




510 Bear St, Syracuse, NY 13208 $1,000



  • Mark Anthony Simon

    How do I buy this and is all taxes paid and how much a year on a fix income but would be perfect to build up into a church again

  • Barb

    Make sure you understand all the zoning restrictions and permitting requirements before jumping in. I bought my church with the promise I could have a business. Well, the 2015 guidelines are so exhaustive and expensive I can’t afford to get it up to code. Plus the ceiling height in my basement is too low. I would hate for someone’s dreams to turn into a nightmare.

  • Mr. Foster

    From everything I researched on this place, it would be less expensive to simply have it torn down, parts recycled and rebuilt.

  • George Bahr

    The city is way too heavily involved to .are this work for anyone except them.
    To estimate over 300k to renovate shows they don’t have a clue how to do something on a budget.
    Do NOT get involved in this mess!

  • Cecil Neal

    I am interested in purchasing this church and restore it to a viable church again, while living in the building as I make the renovations. live in a 100 year old house in Kansas City, Missouri that I renovated myself. My plan would be to secure the property and do most of the renovations, while seeking donations from “You Fund Me” or such organizations to complete the work. I am a retired ordained United Methodist minister called out of retirement by the Almighty God for this assignment. Please let me know if I might be qualified to purchase this property.

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