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Circa 1884/1914 Church For Sale in Saskatchewan Under $37K USD -Sold

Agent Comments

Built in 1900, the former United Church is a Municipal Heritage Property occupying 7 lots at 106 Walsh Street in Qu’appelle. The property is rich in history and could offer its new owner an exciting future as this property has tons of potential. The property is currently zoned as residential but can be re-zoned to commercial to host weddings, destination restaurant, or what have you. Come and see all that this property has to offer! (25007426)
  • Circa 1884/1914
To view a short video of the church, click here.

106 Walsh Street, Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, S0G, Canada  $36,600 USD ($49,000 CAD)


“The heritage value of Knox Presbyterian Church resides in the property’s association with the religious history of the Town of Qu’Appelle. The building was constructed in 1884. As the congregation increased, a major addition was added in 1914. In 1925, the Presbyterian congregation merged with the local Methodist church to help form the United Church. Since its creation the church has continued to serve the community as a place of gathering for both religious and secular events, including weddings, funerals, baptisms, church socials and picnics.

The heritage value of the property also lies in its association with the Riel Resistance. It was in Qu’Appelle in 1885 that the majority of General Middleton’s troops detrained. From March 25 to the beginning of April, over 1000 soldiers arrived in the town. While Middleton slept in the Queen’s Hotel, a number of his troops slept in the Knox Presbyterian Church before continuing on their march.”


Town of Qu’Appelle Bylaw No. 5/81. via Canada’s Historic Places



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