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Sold – Circa 1900 Cincinnati Cottage For Sale Under $50K

  • 3bed
  • 1bath

5708 Ridge Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45213.   $49,900

If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in red below, or contact an agent of your own choosing.

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Contact Realtor: Coldwell Banker Heritage

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Charles Albert Hohnstine and/or his wife, Mary Taylor Hohnstine, owned this home from its build date for more than five decades. Charles was owned his own printing shop. The couple shared the three bedroom/one bath home with their children, Charles, John and Mary as well as a nephew and his wife.

As the “other woman,” the daughter Mary, a dancer and singer at the Fox Theater, was involved in a scandal with a wealthy and much older Detroit industrialist. In fact, subsequent to a two-year affair, they married just three days after D. Lyle Fife’s contentious divorce was finalized.






By 1966, the home was owned by Stefan Belsky. His father-in-law, Rev. Jan Sobolewski, was a Russian Orthodox priest who also lived in the home. The reverend’s background is amazing. Born in Poland, he had been separated from his wife and son, taken prisoner by Russia’s Red Army and held for 10 years at hard labor. After his release, he was able to return to Poland, become a chaplain in the Polish army and be reunited with his family. Discharged from the army for health reasons, the family moved to England, then to Cincinnati. Sadly, he died of natural causes during a bus ride to attend evening vespers.





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