Circa 1900 Foursquare in Cairo, IL Historic Park District $55K – Contingent

OHU50K NOTES     $55,000 Contingent

This circa 1900 foursquare is a stone’s throw from Millionaire’s Row. Despite its decades of decline since high-powered millionaires lived here, Cairo’s complex history makes it a fascinating place filled with wonderful architectural gems.



422 28th St, Cairo, IL 62914.     $55,000

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Contact Realtor: Karen Jones with Mark Twain Real Estate

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Cairo was once a thriving riverboat town with gorgeous mansions along Millionaire’s Row, which is just down the street from our featured home. Today, the town has fallen on hard times and crime stats are high. Even so, if a buyer has the moxie, this house could be a great one to restore. Washington Avenue (Millionaire’s Row) is where you will find gorgeous turn-of-the-century homes built by the most prominent citizens of the day. The Thomas Halliday House, a gorgeous brick Italianate built by a former Cairo mayor, is a short walk down Washington Avenue, and many other wonderful large homes and mansions line the once-upscale street.



  • Debbie Thompson

    Before getting too excited about this grand old house, you must know this is a dying almost dead town. No businesses to speak of are left in Cairo. Police and Fire & Rescue but not even a hospital. The racial atmosphere is bad. Even the HUD housing was demolished and not yet rebuilt.

  • Sarabeth

    Dark pics…..& is that paper peeling or some kind of wall treatment thats painted on? Not enough pics to tell, but this could be a diamond in the (very) rough.

  • T

    I drove through Cairo two years ago. It was the saddest, most dilapidated, scariest town I’d ever seen. There were still many nice old homes left, but there was a lot of decay and burned out ones. When I got home, I had to look the town up and find out what happened.

  • Julia Schubert

    Yes, it is a beautiful house, however, there is not even a gas station there, no grocery store, they have a dollar general, a couple of liquor stores. A car dealership, and that is about it. No restaurants. Town is pretty much gone

  • Carolyn

    This area is nice and quiet place. The people care a lot about the community as a whole. The town has many businesses. This is a steal for this price. I have resided in subdivision where there was no stores or hospitals inside the subdivisions. There is a healthcare system 10 miles up the highway. Along with eye care. Don’t miss a deal listening to naysayers.

  • Tom

    The potential for this home is truly exponential! Unfortunately, I have not been to Cairo to see +/or hear the events that have led them to where they are today. What is (was) the cause of the demise of the town? Is anyone currently residing in Cairo who would or could be a catalyst for renewal or renovation?? Many towns die because of folks who are not willing to change or are not interested in growing the town, so folks get disenfranchised thinking they can’t make things work or their vote isn’t enough to take the first step in the renewal process….or they are afraid of failing! Well if you do nothing………that’s exactly what happens…..nothing!

  • JoAnn

    This is a small town not much there but A nice place to live . The house is a steal . Short trip to Cape Girardeau Mo , or Paducah Kentucky. I lived there most my life never had any trouble with anyone . Good people live there.

  • Sandra

    I wonder why the low price? Is it a dangerous neighborhood perhaps? This is a real opportunity for someone who needs a large home!

  • Jamie Stobb

    My Mother’s Home Town…her entire family for several generations. Named after Cairo Egypt, if you look on the maps you will see the geographical resemblance. The influx of the two greatest rivers in the United States and the gateway to the Mississippi Delta. It was called the Promise Land. What happened in 1909 was unspeakable. One month after my grandfather was born. You can see a documentary on YouTube. The place has never recovered. The whole place is protected by huge flood walls so it doesn’t flood however I believe in 12 it did get some flooding. I want this house but I am doing more research. The taxes in Illinois are high too and I own a fairly small company but do well so this would be a concern.

  • Jamie Stobb

    And that’s all wallpaper😝and it makes your eyes go wonky because it’s not matched up. Ivy…Evywhere…even on the ceiling!!! If I get this place it’s the first thing to go🤫

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