fixer upper

Circa 1900 Montana Fixer Upper $50K

This 2032 square feet fixer upper is located on a large lot in the heart of Wibaux. Much of this home has been gutted and is a blank canvas, waiting for the next owner to come along and make it their own. The home has potential, however, especially given the prices in Montana. It sits on a large lot in the small town of Wibaux located in Wibaux County. In fact, the whole county only has 937 residents.

The town of Wibaux was named after  Pierre Wibaux (1858–1913),  cattle baron and friend of Theodore Roosevelt.  According to the locals, Pierre Wibaux had his cowboys surround the town of Mingusville, refusing to allow anyone to enter or leave town unless they signed a petition changing the name of the town to Wibaux. When Wibaux died,  his ashes were spread over a hill near town where a statue of him stands today.


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