fixer upper

Sold – Circa 1920 Fixer Upper For Sale in Lyons, KS $50K


Fixer Upper for sale! – Per Realtor

  • 2bed
  • 1bath
  • Circa 1920


310 W Taylor St, Lyons, KS 67554 $50,000





  • cosner , kunkel , barger

    so what’s the deal it looks like there in the middel of rebiulding this place or have they hit a wall and given up and its what you see is what you get ? now i know it cost money real money to do what there doing here and its money out and they want to recope as soon as posabel but i belive most would like to see the after when its done then in the middel but if there done and what you see is what you get i understand that to but please do let us know as this house could be a real home if you would let it be but at what cost ?

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