Sold – Circa 1930 Starter Home For Sale in Haskell, OK $55K

303 S Cherokee St, Haskell, OK 74436  $55,000



  • M. D'Toste

    Terrible backsplash with nothing to protect behind the stove. Interior colors too dark.

    Would not consider.


    Uh……do not like the colors at all and that backsplash is very ‘interesting’ to say the least.


    I like the backsplash because the colors repeat colors in the fixtures, counter, and floor. The total look is not fashionable right now, but I like the creativity of it. I agree with another commentor regarding the stove. I would have put the backsplash behind the stove just to complete the look. If this were my house, I would have gone with the era-appropriate look. But the design choice here went somewhere else and I respect their commitment to the chosen theme.

  • Sandee

    Cute place, and paint and tile to replace the awful back splash would not be expensive. But the main question is, does it have a basement? This girl would not live in Oklahoma without somewhere to hide from the twisters….

  • Jonathan

    A Total Mess!…The colors are depressing and for the most part to dark….makes rooms even smaller. That back splash has no rhyme nor reason. Just stops does not tie stove into the room ..must have had a case of beer while designing this kitchen….whole house needs redone. ….thanks but a no go for me!

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