move-in ready

Circa 1940 Mississippi Move-In Ready Tiny House Under $40K

353 Walnut St, Canton, MS 39046    $39,900


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  • Charles Snyder

    I normally don’t leave a negative but I’m sorry whoever did the trim work on this was horrible if that’s a new roof supposedly they ran the pattern wrong if you look at the side of the house of the picture at the very bottom they couldn’t even take the time to put the trim pieces back up before they took the picture so what do you think is going to happen when you walk on the inside it’s just going to be a cover-up. No matter what they put in there they just covered stuff up. Unless they could document they tore it out I would not buy the house. Along with that look at the front window even the trim of the window is not the same height at the bottom going all the way across that’s just crummy workmanship I guess it’s because I’m a carpenter by trade and I demand that my guys be excellent out of a serious buyer I would rather have a raggedy old beat-up building that I could do myself and know that it was done correctly than to be in it for a year and have something start falling apart and having electrical fire. Hopefully they will keep this on the website this and go just to the real estate agent they get the trim fixed and the other parts at least take a decent picture.

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