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Sold – Under $75K Thursday – Circa 1949 Very Unique Houseboat For Sale in Louisiana Under $69K

OHU50K Notes $68,500 Sold

A unique houseboat for sale – an unusual place to live.


Realtor Comments

47’ x 38’ x 5’ steel barge/houseboat for sale with eleven floatation compartments. Originally built in 1966. Six compartments on the port and starboard sides have been professionally sprayed and filled with closed cell foam making this vessel unsinkable. The interior steel was coated with a product called Texaco Compound H when built and most of it is still functioning. You can still see the steel manufacturers identification stamp from when American steel was quality made. The Pilot House was built in 1949 and came from a Nashville Bridge Company pushboat which all had the same unique design.

Interior & Exterior

The interior was gutted and renovated in 1992 with new floors, walls and ceilings. Sheet rock installed on second level which was setup as an apartment. Marlite paneling was installed on the top level which was used as an office. The lower level had a kitchen and storage in the container and an entertaining/work space out on the main deck. The entire exterior was blasted to white metal and coated with the best Ameron Marine Paint System available in 2003. All of it appears to still be bonded and can be maintained easily with Alkid Marine paint over the existing product. The Hydraulic Crane is a National T-5, 5 Ton crane with 38’ reach and runs off an electric motor. The vehicle ramp is 25’ x 15’ and can support 5 tons. The vessel is secured by two 6” pipe spuds on either side of the ramp.


There is no need for a dock or any improvements like pilings to secure her. She becomes your dock and no permits necessary. Some kids have made a mess of her inside by breaking windows and steeling appliances. She needs renovation but a great size to fit almost anywhere with just the right sq footage on each level to be very comfortable. She would make a great Air b n b, destination spot for boaters, bait and tackle shop, shared hunting and fishing camp… Looking to pass her on to someone or a group of people who will love her as I did


  • Circa 1949
  • 6 compartments



Slidell, LA $68,500


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