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Complete Tear Down or Fixer Upper? Cambridge, ME $30K – Off Market

9 Ham Hill Rd, Cambridge, ME 04923.    $30,000 Off Market

Complete Tear Down or Fixer Upper? Cambridge, ME $30K


Complete tear down or fixer upper? Realtor says it is a complete tear down. What do you think? The setting in a quintessential New England village is pretty, but no information on flooding issues is provided. I even researched on the FEMA site itself, but no digital data was available.


Great opportunity to build your dream home in the town of Cambridge. This home is a complete tear down. East access to the ATV trails and snowmobile trails and walking distance to Cambridge pond.


  • Sherry Hood

    I really hate it when they say it is a “tear down”. If this house can be saved I hope some saves it.

  • D L Taylor

    From structural perspective many of these homes are good. The previous “remodels” may not be by (true) professionals OR to code. Empty and all systems inspected for safety and modern codes, it will get a true evaluation. DON’T expect this from the marketing /sales agents. In the USA, the destruction of structures with useful years left is rampant.

  • Stephanie

    This house is not a tear down. I’ve lived in this area for over 25 years . It’s a great home would be a nice starter . Wonderful quiet neighborhood.

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