cottage with water view

Little Red Cottage with Water View in Solleftea Sweden Under $40K USD ~ Sold

SOLLEFTEÅ, Sweden   $39,850 USD    (350000 krona) ~ Sold


Sweden has some lovely little homes under $50K, and here is a charming cottage with beautiful water views in Solleftea. The property  has wood floors, fireplace, shed and outhouse.

*1,840 Sq ft.
*Google Map
*Property Listing
*Realtor:Fastighetsbyrån Huvudkontor
Postadress: Fastighetsbyrån, Box 644, 101 32 Stockholm
Besöksadress: Västra Järnvägsgatan 7
Telefon: 08-54 54 55 00
Fax: 08-54 54 55 01
E-post: [email protected]


Cottage with water view. Charming location!
In this popular area right next to Betarsjön you will find this nice log cabin! Here you live with beautiful and soothing views of the water and you are surrounded by greenery and forest. Heating via direct electricity, water via water association and separate are available. On the plot there is also a woodshed, outdoor toilet and storage space.

The property is sold with equipment and disclaimer.






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