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Old General Store For Sale w/Apartment in Woodstock ME Under $50K ~ Off Market

11 S Main St, Woodstock, ME, 04219    $49,900 Off Market


This old general store for sale was built in 1850 in the small town of Woodstock, Maine (pop. 1,277). It is truly an amazing building for the money. The $50K is almost worth it for the structure’s history alone.
As you can see by the old photos below, the building was originally a general store and post office. At some point it had a gas pump. After many incarnations (see “History of Woodstock, Me.”), the building became the Woodstock Emporium (photo near bottom of page), and finally was operating as Goddess Robes in 2018, a store selling apparel, jewelry, crafts and accessories.

“History of Woodstock, Me.”

The first Postmaster was Ezra Jewell, who 
kept the office at the old yellow store where he traded, on the 
The Ezra Jewell store has 
been occupied by Jewell & Sawyer, D. M. Jacobs, D. P. Bowker, 
Thomas Pu Day and Ansel Dudley. Several of the above kept . 
only confectionery, nuts, and tobacco in its different forms. 
Sylvania Perham has kept a millinery and fancy g(?ods store 
here for nearly thirty years. She has generally had a large 
trade. Joseph Churchill, from Norway, kept a stock of 
Gent's Furnishing Goods here for some years, in the building 
put up by him. He occupied the upper part as a dwelling. 
E. K. Knight, with his father, kept tlie first hardware store 
here. They also manufactured tin ware. They were succeeded 
by S. A. Brock, who carried on the business very successfully 
for a few years and then went to Bethel. Mr. Durgin carried 
on the business in the Knight store awhile, and was succeeded 
by Charles E. Houghton. Thomas Sampson built and kept a 
small store at South Woodstock. Others may have traded 
there previously. Granville Fuller kept a store near the Metho- 
dist meeting house, in the south part, which he sold to Wm. H. 
Cole, receiving in payment the farm known as the Gilbert place. T
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