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Old Miner’s Cabin For Sale in Nevada Ghost Town $30K Sold

59 Overland St, Austin, NV 89310.   $30,000 Sold on 3/31/2021 for $19,500

Old Miner’s Cabin For Sale in Nevada Ghost Town $30K



During the American Civil War, the Union was pressed to find new sources of gold and other precious metals in order to fund the war. With that end, David Buell mapped out the town of Austin 1862, naming it after his partner, Alvah Austin, during a silver rush there.  The precious metal was discovered when a Pony Express horse kicked over a rock exposing silver. By the summer of 1863, more than 10,000 miners had poured into the Austin area, but the silver boom was almost over by the time our featured cabin was built. A slight revival occurred in the 1910s, and today, while low levels of gold and silver mining has continued sporadically, high quality turquoise is stilled mined in Austin.

As the population dwindled from 10,000 to 192 current residents, Austin became what is considered a “living ghost town.” The ruins of Stokes Castle, an eery three-story stone tower built in 1897 by Anson Phelps Stokes, a wealthy eastern capitalist who mined in Austin, still stands. The edifice was only in use for one month back then.

stokes castle
Stokes Castle, Austin, Nevada




Realtor Comments – Old Miner’s Cabin For Sale in Nevada Ghost Town $30K

Are you looking for your Nevada Miner’s Cabin? This quaint home aged approx 130 years old, over looks the quiet town of Austin, NV. The storage shed allows for additional storage of personal items. The home needs your time and TLC but has lots of potential for a great getaway spot. Central Nevada offers many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, four wheeling, fishing, and so much more. Austin also features several community events throughout the year. This home is currently uninhabitable.


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