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Old Stone Cottage w/ Updated Interior in Boussac France Under $48K ~ Off Market

Boussac Limousin France    $47,291 USD ~ Off Market


Here is a stone cottage in the French village of Boussac in central France. Boussac is home to the 15-th century Church of St. Anne, the 12th-century Boussac Castle and several ancient houses and the river bridge from the 15th-century.

The interior of the home is clean, neat and updated, but I don’t know why there is no kitchen photo.

*2 bedrooms
*1 bedrooms
*656 sq ft
*3,875 sq ft lot
*Google Map
*Property Listing
*Realtor: Boussac Imobilier



Stone house approximately 61 m2 including 4 room(s) – 2 bed-rooms – Garden : 360 m2. – Equipment annex : Garden, double vitrage, Fireplace, – heater : electric – More information is available upon request.



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