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Sold – Save This Old Circa 1892 Fixer Upper in Dayton, OH $25K


House view featured at 148 Lexington Ave, Dayton, OH 45402

If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in the post in red, or contact a realtor of your own choosing.

148 Lexington Ave, Dayton, OH 45402.    $25,000 Sold

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Contact Realtor: Brian Brockman with Bang Realty Inc.

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The home is located in the once desirable Old Dayton View neighborhood, a historic district with architectural styles ranging from the late 1880s to the 1920s. Homeowners are proud of the neighborhood’s rich heritage, but crime is an issue.

While I could not discern the names of the original owners of 148 Lexington Avenue, newspaper articles tell a tale of an upper middle class family with live-in housekeepers and high-end furnishings, as listed in a 1913 private sale.  It appears finances for the family may have been dwindling in the 1910s and 1920s as the content sale and subsequent auction of the home could indicate.







Property featured at 148 Lexington Ave, Dayton, OH 45402



Property featured at 148 Lexington Ave, Dayton, OH 45402



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  • Ashanti Laszlo

    It’s not too bad, until you get to the kitchen. After reading, I was expecting much worse. I hate that so often in these lovely old houses, the fireplaces no longer work, hence why they’re usually blocked off. And they took so much care with the appearance of the front of these houses, and almost none with the back.

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