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Save This Old Circa 1910 Fixer Upper Queen Anne Victorian + Church in Donora, PA Under $21K – Pending


OHU50K Notes.   $20,900 Pending

Save this fixer upper Queen Anne. The foreclosure property not only includes the brick home, but also the church, a small office building and an extra lot! Huge, huge project for $20,900.


Large brick home (former parsonage), church, small office building and large level adjacent vacant lot previously used as parking lot all included on one parcel. No access to the church or the office building. Roof on church is in poor condition and appears to be leaking. Source

  • 4bed
  • 3.5bath



The Queen Anne is the former parsonage for the former Polish Catholic Church which is also included in the sale. Per, “the Holy Name of The Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Donora was built in 1904 and served a mostly Polish congregation.  The altar-side of the building faces Carroll Avenue and the Monongahela River.”


At the turn of the century in 1902, 42 Polish families started to meet for Catholic services. After the first pastor’s health failed, Father Francis Pikulskitook the post and began the construction of the present church. Plans were drawn by the Sousa Company of Pittsburgh, and the Donora Lumber Company, in conjunction with the Union Lumber Company, constructed the church for a cost of $21,000.

The new parish flourished, and soon 528 families were members. A school run by Polish nuns was built nearby. By 1919, however, an economic decline in the area translated in a decline in the church’s membership to just 200 families. In 1992, the parish was consolidated, the church was closed and sold to private owners” and some renovation was started.




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